Scale Up Services

HTST Vegan or Dairy Drinks 

Trial samples of 5-10 L of chilled product produced under indirect HTST (high-temperature short time) conditions with high pressure homogenisation. Packed via a laminar flow cabinet into 250ml PET bottles with a shelf life up to 4 weeks.


Ambient Drinks (Glass Bottles)

Laboratory trial samples of 1-3L with low or no carbonation can be produced in 250ml capped glass bottles for low pH drinks. Larger commercial trials of 500L can be made with various shapes and sizes of bottles and closures if the neck diameter is 26mm (crown cap) or 28/29mm for a screw cap


Ambient Canned Drinks

Laboratory trials include samples of 2.5-3L per product which translates to 10-20 cans of finished product. Trial samples can be made in 250ml/150ml slim cans for any range of recipes and can include cold and hot brewing, Initial factory trial quantities to validate a recipe would be 1500 units (if a later order is confirmed for at least 5000 units at the same time)


UHT Ambient Dairy or Plant Based Drinks

Trial products can be produced in various Tetrapak formats from 200ml to 1L with minimum validation quantities of 3000L and commercial volumes of 10,000L – 25000L required


Powder Blends/Meal Replacements

Our co-packer can blend and volumetric fill a range of powders and granules into various mediums such as pouch, jar or bottles in various sizes


Chilled Dairy/Vegan Drinks (PET/HDPE Bottles)

Our UK processing partners can do trial batches of 3000L and commercial production of 5000L batches upwards in various sizes from 250ml to 750ml in PET bottles or gable top. Alternatively, we have options in the EU for HDPE bottles


Nutrition Based Cakes

We have specialist bakeries which can produce individually wrapped nutrition targeted products such as low sugar and high protein cake bars

Snack Bars & Energy Balls

Our UK processing partner can make ambient or chilled organic, gluten-free and vegan products in small quantities from 5000 units upwards from 5g balls to full-sized bars in single or multiple layers with enrobing facilities

Ambient Pouches/ Tetrapak Convenience Foods

Our processing partner is organic certified and can produce minimum batch sizes of 1000kg in spouted or plain pouches from 50ml to 500ml for baby foods, pureed or particulate recipes. Tetra Recart 100% recyclable packaging is also available for convenience products of any type. Small quantities of chilled or ambient pouches for testing are also available for non-commercial use