Our Services

Ingredient Sourcing & Knowledge Base

We work with suppliers to source imaginative ingredients of great quality, fit for purpose to achieve the best results for the application. We have over 1000 ingredients on our stock from over 50 different suppliers including specialist flavour houses and the list is growing all the time. We tap into their knowledge as well as published and independent research to be ahead of the curve on trends and new ingredients


Concept Work Ideation

Following the latest market trends, research data and working closely with you we bring to life creative yet commercially viable concepts and prototypes


Development & Costing

We create your products from scratch in a format that can be easily scaled up on a bigger scale.

Bringing your idea for a food and drink product to live is not an easy task.

We understand the importance of taste, texture, stability, functionality and apply the science behind it to create products that build your brand.

Each recipe is uniquely developed to meet your requirements, whether its nutritional, microbiological, or organoleptic. 


We also work with you in engineering your existing products to improve on quality, stability, price, and optimise the product attributes.

We work in our purpose-built development centres to create prototypes of your products and due to our expertise in manufacturing, we always create products that can be easily scaled up to factory trials or first productions.

This involves kitchen trials to create actual samples of products from recipes. Each submission includes at least 3 recipes and each recipe will be submitted in triplicate. We also provide an indicative cost per tonne of the final recipe using ingredient prices from suppliers, based on your annual forecasted volumes and full contact information of suppliers and their minimum order quantities and lead times.


Calculated Nutritionals

We provide guideline theoretical nutritional values based on the most up to date raw material data available. We can supply this as part of a project for recipes developed for you or we can also help you to calculate this from your own recipes. The values can be used to substantiate labelling on your product and to indicate what nutritional or health claims you might be able to make on pack



Artwork and Regulation



We can provide ingredient list creation including Quantitative Ingredient Declarations (QUID), allergen listing, and traffic light labelling and confirmation of allowable claims on pack. We can also do a regulatory check for compliance with current legislation pertaining to UK/EU standards for existing labels


Factory Trials & Scale Up



Using our knowledge of carrying out pilot plant, factory trials and leading 1st productions, we can provide advice on suitable processing details for your new product. We can also help troubleshoot problems with existing products. We can help manage trials or 1st productions by visiting the manufacturing site and co-ordinating between you and the manufacturer to ensure a smooth transition during scale-up. Helping set quality standards and troubleshooting problems and ensuring you get the product you want

Contract Packing Services 



We can help find the right contract packers based on your preferred packaging format. We have access to a range of partners who can help with trials on a pilot-scale or provide small scale manufacture and scale up to larger volumes as your brand grows


Brand Design & Label Creation



We can help you with your branding and provide design agency support. They can help with creating a full brand including definition of your unique selling point and the consumers’ “reason to buy”. The brand will reflect these key messages and personality supported by your logo, packaging label artwork and website