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FoodBuzz Consulting is a group of food scientists, technologists and consultants specialising in the development of innovative yet commercially viable food and drinks products that can help create a competitive edge for your brands in the market.

Shimantini Banerjee

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MSc in Food Sciences. Worked as NPD Technologist in the soft drinks industry.Thrives on creating new, exciting and innovative recipes and products. Key focus on scaling up products from concept to launch within tight timescales through effective project management.

Previously worked as a NPD Technologist on a variety of food products such as sandwich fillings, soups, sauces, mayonnaise to name a few. Believes in creating value through use of right ingredients suited for each application and is passionate about translating concepts to functional products.

Matt Wolf

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BSc in Food Engineering and Human Nutrition. Worked as NPD and Process Technologist which combines the best of both product and process development. Has a strong focus on science based complex problem solving.

Creates a point of difference through cost engineering recipes to meet commercial targets and using processing expertise to optimise product’s quality attributes. Thrives on fast paced projects and has keen eye for using market trends and latest ingredient solutions to create products that are technically sound.