Our Development Centre 

Our concept development kitchen is where we have extensive ingredients and equipment for working on day to day developments such as beverages, powdered blends and snack bars. Here we can offer laboratory scale testing (1-3 litres) of your product in various formats such as cans, glass bottles, pouches etc that simulate factory processing conditions, giving you greater confidence to move to scale up

The commercial kitchen where we can do large baking trials and other products such as ready meals. Our fantastic facilities are in Shepton Mallet at the Rural Enterprise Centre, Bath & West Showground which also has conference facilities and good connections to the motorway and a direct railway link from London

New Product Development Services

From Factory Trials to Commercial Launch 

We can help find the right contract packers based on your preferred packaging format. We have access to a range of partners who can help with trials on a pilot-scale or provide small scale manufacture and scale up to larger volumes as your brand grows

R&D For New Production Processes 

Our team of food & drink experts have technical, operational, commercial and strategic skills and knowledge which we have developed from years of working at senior levels in the food industry.  We can assist with new processing line implementation, business strategy, management accounting, skills and training and government funding initiatives to help brands achieve their growth ambitions

Labelling & Nutritional Services

These services include:

- Theoretical nutritional analysis service and nutrition table creation (per 100g/ml and per serving). We can supply this as part of a project for recipes developed for you or we can also help you to calculate this from your own recipes. The values can be used to substantiate labelling on your product and to indicate what nutritional or health claims you might be able to make on pack.

-  Ingredient declaration/ ingredient list, including Quantitative Ingredient Declarations  (QUID)

- Allergen declaration

- Front of pack traffic light values and colours

- RDV% for macronutrients

- Nutritional report highlighting potential nutritional claims 

- Ingredient declaration/ ingredient list, including Quantitative Ingredient Declarations  (QUID)

- We can also carry a regulatory check for compliance with current legislation pertaining to UK/EU standards

Brand & Label Design

We can help you with your branding and provide design agency support. This includes creating a full brand and definition of your unique selling point and the consumers’ “reason to buy”. The brand will reflect these key messages and personality supported by your logo, packaging label artwork and website



As a team of food scientists with a combined experience of 55 years in the food and drinks manufacturing industry, we have the insider knowledge into what will work for your product from a technical and quality standpoint. Due to our backgrounds in product manufacturing, we understand the risks involved in scale-up, how to troubleshoot, what to expect and how to mitigate where possible those risks. We combine a proven track record in creativity, knowledge of ingredients and suppliers and a practical approach to provide an efficient service for helping to launch commercially viable products.


Meet the Team



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Over 35 years’ experience in product development and technical management working for manufacturers, including Mondelez, 2Sisters, Lyons Seafood, Tulip and Framptons amongst others. Development leadership and project management provided for all sizes of customers, food service companies and UK retailers such as Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Co-op. Categories include RTE chilled and frozen, dairy and plant-based beverages, allergen-free, raw and cooked meat, cooked seafood, party food and snacking.  




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A creative and knowledgeable Product Development Technologist with over 10 years' experience and MSC Food Science. Experienced in taking products from concept to launch, with a strong focus on science-based application to create, scale-up and launch technically sound and commercially successful products. Product categories include innovative drink mixers, non-alcoholic drinks, dairy, dairy-free/dairy alternatives, fruit juices/smoothies, sauces, chutneys, dressings and mayonnaise in both chilled and ambient formats as well as soups, sandwich fillings and liquid and frozen egg products.




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A Product and Process Development Technologist. Over 7 years' experience in production line development, processing improvement and product development; BSc in Food Engineering, Human Nutrition and Food Science taking. Proven success in taking products from concept to launch with a strong problem-solving approach. Product categories include dairy (butter, cheese, cream, whey, protein concentrates, etc) and powdered blends, dairy-free/dairy alternative drinks, meal replacement drinks, protein drinks, cold brew coffee and coffee drinks, fruit juices/smoothies in both chilled and ambient formats as well as liquid and frozen egg products






“We had the pleasure of working with FoodBuzz when we wanted to improve the nutritional profile and devise new flavours for our seed snacks. We gave FoodBuzz a very difficult and challenging brief but nothing was too much trouble and they could not have been more helpful. As an added bonus they are a lovely team and it was a pleasure to spend the day with them working on the recipes. A real gem'"

Susan / Pep&Lekker







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